Colour Libraries or Palettes are available for download in both Adobe Illustrator and CorelDraw format. 


  • CHD Color System Library 1-0.xml
  • CHD RAF WWII Color Library.xml

Adobe Illustrator

  • CHD Color
  • CHD Color
  • Roland Color System
  • Roland Metallic Color System


These Colour Libraries contain special colours such as:

Instructs the printer to print using WHITE INK
Only used on the White Layer in artwork
Visual White CMYK = 0000
Used only on the Color Layer in artwork, to provide the correct visual appearance of White artwork
It will not actually print White.
Old White 70% Opaque White
It provides the appearance of white paint that has aged, been worn away or otherwise faded with time.
Translucent White 50% Opaque White
Useful for backlit signage or anywhere a translucent,effect is required.
Chrome Yellow Designed to provide the typical appearance of Chrome Yellow
There are many CMYK values cited on the Web for Chrome Yellow.,This particular colour palette has been designed to provide the correct appearan­­ce when printed by CHD.
Standard Black CMYK = 0,0,0,100 is the colour normally defined as ‘Black’.
True Black CMYK = 35,45,15,95
This colour provides a richer, deeper and more ‘true to life’ looking black than “Standard Black” does.
It should always be used whenever printing larger areas of black in decals.
MT-Gold Metallic Gold in colour – uses Silver ink
MT-Bronze Metallic Bronze in colour. Similar but different to MT-Gold
MT-Silver Bright, shiny metallic Silver in colour
MT-Chrome Flat, non-shiny metallic silver in colour
CutContour Also known at CHD as “SmartCUT”, this colour is used to define the contour line used for cutting the decal film around the outside of individual items of artwork
PerfCutContour This colour is used to define the contour line used for cutting the decal media around the outside of each set of decals (ie cut the decal sheet to size).
And others …

Some of the information and colour palettes contained in these Libraries were originally provided by Roland DG Australia Pty Ltd.