The CustomHobby Decal Client Self-Service Portal (“CSSP”) provides our registered customers and clients with web-based access to our Customer Relationship Management system (1CRM).

Customers using the CSSP may perform many tasks, including:

  • Review our EXTENDED FrequentlyAsked Questions (FAQs) and their answers Search the Knowledge Base
  • Participate in Customer Forums– a full forum system is included within the Self-Service Portal
    (users of the 1CRM system must be added asContacts if they are to participate in the forums)
  • Register for Marketing Event stand Seminars
  • Update their own contact information at any time, directly within their personal master record kept by the 1CRM System
  • Change their own password for access to the CSSP
  • Fix a Lost Password by requesting a new password
  • File service Cases directly with Custom Hobby Decals’ 1CRM, and return at any time 24/7 to review updated information
  • Collaborate on a Project:
    • The customer can see all the project tasks identified, and the progress % to date
    • The customer can see all Documents linked to the project, and can add new documents themselves
    • The customer can see Notes related to the project – and may add additional notes themselves
      – including with file attachments such as Microsoft Office files
    • The customer can see all Contacts related to the project
      (users must be added as Contacts within the1CRM system if their contact information is to be exposed in this manner)
  • Access Quotes to review and comment on or approve them
  • Access Invoice and Payment history to check their account balance and status with your business.

The Login to the CSSP is separate to registering / logging-in to the website, although it can use the same UserName and Password.

This is because the Custom Hobby Decals CSSP is not actually part of our website – it is a separate web portal service with access via our website.

Please ensure that yourUserName and Password remain confidential and unique to yourself as the CSSP provides access to your personal information.