Fonts, how tos and other downloads

The following are available to Hobbyists to download for their own use:
CorelDraw Template Files
CHD Colour Libraries / Palettes for CorelDraw and Adobe Illustrator
HOW TO documents


We areproviding download links on this page for a variety of FONTS that are ofinterest and use to Hobbyists.

These fontshave been gathered from various sources and – to the best of our knowledge* – are either Freeware or Trial /Demonstration versions of commercial fonts.

If a text fileis included with or as part of a font download, please read it carefully beforeusing the font.

And please ensure that you abide by any copyright orcommercial RTU (Right-To-Use) restrictions that may apply to any font.


* Custom Hobby Decals is providing the fonts listed orotherwise available via our website purely as a service to Hobbyists and notfor commercial gain.
If you believe a font (or other material) has beenincorrectly or illicitly made available, please contact us immediately so thatwe might remedy the situation ASAP.