See How Easy it is to Apply Custom Decal Stickers

How many hours have you wasted fiddling around with decal stickers, trying to position them just right, only for them to tear and have to start again? Here we show you just how quick and easy it is to apply decal stickers from Custom Hobby Decals. No more torn stickers and no more frustration!

In today’s demonstration, we’ll be using shield decal stickers right out of the cellophane backed, re-sealable packet complete with instructions.

After randomly selecting a sticker for the demonstration and roughly cutting it from the sheet, the sticker is placed in water for a slow count to five. The excess film is removed from around the outside of the sticker using needle-nose tweezers, then again for the centre.

The artwork is then carefully removed from the backing and placed onto a pre-undercoated shield, and a small amount of decal setting solution is applied which helps the artwork to sit neatly within the ridges of the non-smooth surface of the shield.

Due to the resilient nature of our custom decal stickers, the artwork can be placed exactly where you need it to be. Even after complete saturation of the decal setting solution, the sticker can be moved with sharp needle-nose tweezers without any risk of damaging the decal film.

The shield is then set aside to dry completely, and once dried it will be clear coated for added protection and finishing.

So, in just a few quick and easy steps from packet to finished product, we have a lovely new shield ready for use. Not bad for a 20-30 second process!

Now you can see just how Custom Hobby Decals’ stickers not only look fantastic but take out all of the unnecessary hassles when applying your artwork. Call us today on 0438 597 703 to find out more or email us at


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