News Update – 13 November 17

Further to my Post of 1 October 2017, we did in fact recommence Print Operations by the end of September 2017.  Not everything went perfectly at first (!) and the print-room is not properly finished off as yet (!!), but we are overcoming various issues as quickly as possible.

Following the loss of our long-term graphic artist Ani Dimitrova earlier this year, we have been using a number of casual contract GAs for ongoing work.  Not all of these have been ‘successful’ in completing the work required.

We are therefore pleased to announce that we have appointed a new local graphic artist – Maddy – who will be doing more of our complex and ongoing artwork.
(I will still continue to do artwork as and when I can … subject to admin, printing, events, etc)


We have a significant backlog of existing work to complete – both custom and internal development.

There is also the matter of integration between our website and CRM, to allow us to create, document, automatically upload and configure new products.

These issues, plus the need to finish sorting everything out after moving in to our new premises, finish off building the print-room / arranging equipment and cabling, etc mean that our capacity for new work is somewhat reduced.

Finally, there is a large backlog of email to be processed.  Most of this is sort-of SPAM (it isn’t actually SPAM, but neither is it important – it just needs to be processed) … even if that only means reviewed and deleted.  I started off with some 3,500 items, I’ve processed around 2,000 – 2,500 so far, and there is still another 2,100 to go.  (Yes – they keep coming in!)

So – YES! – we are very interested in every enquiry … and we are doing our best to get to everyone as quickly as possible.

Contact Us at Custom Hobby Decals, based in Brisbane (Australia) – but we serve a global market and can deliver custom made decals to hobbyists anywhere in the world.

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