Custom Hobby Decals Australia

Geoff Langridge

Custom Hobby Decals Australia was set up to provide Hobbyists and Wargamers with high-quality decals at an affordable price … including once-off ‘custom’ decals.

Over the course of 35+ years, Geoff has worked primarily in the IT industry, either directly and indirectly, with a broad range of experience that covers on-site tech support, system & network design, engineering & project management, sales, marketing and product distribution & management.

Geoff had a ‘eureka’ moment during the Australian National N-Scale Convention in 2004 when it was suggested he could use his using his experience and wide range of skills to figure out how to digitally print waterslide decals.  And with that, he set the ball rolling to form what would subsequently become ‘Custom Hobby Decals’.

Since its beginnings as a ‘standard’ decal printing service, Custom Hobby Decals Australia has gone from strength to strength, evolving and adapting to technological advances.

“With the demise of the ALPS printer used by many hobbyists, we examined a wide range of digital printing solutions – including an extended period with laser printing – before settling on the present eco-solvent-based digital print solution.”

“Our production grew with our ever increasing knowledge, and so over the next few years we ramped up our marketing campaign through advertising in ModelArt Magazine for Australian Hobbyists, and attending exhibitions to showcase our products.”

“Due to the increased exposure and popularity of our decals, we began to extend our range from purely the custom decal service to providing off-the-shelf decals for Hobbyists.  We now also provide OEM printing services for small-t0-medium manufacturers.”

“In addition to waterslide media, we also print decals and the like on clear and white vinyl and have started to release additional stencil-based products.”

“This is what we believe makes us different.”

Some major features of our venture include, but are not limited to:

• All digital process (design, artwork and printing)
• High resolution and quality (720x1440dpi, using 8-inks: CMYKLcLm, White & Metallic)
• Pre-cut decals (we cut the decal film ~0.5mm around the outside of the artwork)
• Low-volume printing (starting from 1 x A6 size sheet)

Because of this, we can offer a service that makes the custom printing service easier than ever, with the capabilities of printing almost any design imaginable without the risk of the decals tearing when they’re removed from the sheet or subsequently being handled. All of this without costing you the earth.

We hope you’ve enjoyed our journey so far, and look forward to you being part of our future with Custom Hobby Decals Australia!

Ani Dimitrova

Barry Bristow