Examples of OEM Decals Created for UK Manufacturer

Examples of OEM Decals Created for UK Manufacturer

A problem many hobbyists find when applying decals to their models is that they can often become transparent either over time or straight after applying. This is usually due to the low quality of the decals, but with Custom Hobby Decals artwork, the quality speaks for itself.

Today’s demonstration shows the quality of our decals after being applied to a couple of different backgrounds to show their opacity.

We use a board made up of half white and half black Perspex for the demonstration, allowing us to place the decals across a colour boundary to check for opacity, and to display how the decals show up on the two different types of surfaces.

OEM Decals

The decals we use will be recognised by some people – one being the state transit logo for New South Wales trains. Some of the decals have been from one-off custom prints. An example of this is a range of custom decals we did as part of an OEM production run for an English Company. They provided the artwork and we simply printed them.

The test sample – a white piece of artwork – is roughly cut and placed onto a black surface. It hasn’t been fully treated, we simply used a rough cut to show the level of opacity of the decals.

Another one of our decals used in the demonstration is a pinstripe. We just put it on to the surface by hand, and place a ruler next to it to show how easily you can get a fairly straight line without any difficulty.

We end the demonstration by displaying one of our truck scrolls – a nicely detailed red piece of artwork. None of the decals used in the demonstration have been treated with decal setting solution – we’ve simply used water on the flat plastic surface to show the level of opacity of Custom Hobby Decals.

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