Waterslide Decals Applied to Model Plane

Applying Waterslide Decals

One issue many of you may have is once you have applied a decal sticker, you may not be able to remove it once it has set if it has been placed incorrectly. Here we demonstrate the ease in which Custom Hobby Decals waterslide decals can be moved into place after setting them in the wrong position.

As per usual, for demonstration purposes, all of our decals come right out of the resealable cellophane packet – this allows any unused stickers to be put back in the bag afterwards. We’re using US White stars which will be placed onto a model plane. Due to the opacity of the decals, they can’t be seen very easily, but once placed in water for a slow count of five, they become more visible and easy to use. Usually, the stickers would be placed in water one at a time to be used one by one, but to save time we’ll put the whole lot in.

After applying five of the star waterslide decals onto the model, one of them needs to be set more accurately. Upon removal using sharp needle-nose tweezers, the sticker curls up a little bit. This isn’t any issue at all – all that’s needed to do is simply uncurl the decal and put it back into position.

Once all the stickers are correctly in place, a small amount of decal setting solution is applied to them. There are many brands available, but for demonstration purposes, we’re using ‘Mr Mark Softer’ decal setting solution.

This will allow the waterslide decals to set nicely, adhering closely to the surface of the model. After the solution has dried, a coat of clear coat is applied to finish off the model. So, even when Custom hobby Decal waterslide decals are accidentally incorrectly placed, they can easily be repositioned with minimal fuss or risk of tearing or even wasting a sticker.

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