About Us

It is the goal of Custom Hobby Decals to be the premier supplier of water-slide decals to hobbyists worldwide. We have created new technology to provide the best quality hobby decals you have ever seen, available to be custom made to your specification.

Whether you model planes, trains or automobiles. Or whether it is boats, doll-houses, military models, war-gaming, et al, we have decals for you.

We support all hobbies and hobbyists.

Our decal production facilities are available for:

  • Custom decals – from your artwork, or we can provide it for you (at additional cost)
  • Standard decals – a range of  popular decals held in stock
  • OEM decals – for model manufacturers
  • Retail decals – decals produced for a particular retailer

Colour, Quality and Resolution

We do not use ‘ALPS’ printers.

We produce decals on the latest digital equipment using an extended colour range that includes the standard CMYK colours plus Light Cyan, Light Magenta, WHITE and METALLIC colours (ie “CMYKLcLmWMt”).

The media used for our decals is produced specifically for this purpose – it is not ‘off-the-shelf’ standard decal paper.

This enables us to produce both higher resolution and better quality decals than those commonly available.

Our printing resolution, at 720 x 1440dpi, is significantly higher than that of alternative decal production processes.